Wilson Kaos 3.0 Tennis Shoe Review

The Evolution of Wilson Kaos

The Wilson Kaos 3.0 are the third generation of the Wilson tennis shoe. I have tried all three models and like the durability and light weight characteristics. I would describe the Kaos brand name as a shoe with cushioning and comfort paired with aggressive styling and durability. If you are an all courter and prefer lightweight fast shoe with plenty of protection then the Kaos are a great choice.

I wrote an article a few years back about the Wilson KAOS 2.0. In it I remarked that

‘The Kaos are so comfy and versatile that they could easily be worn as casual shoes.’ I really love my Wilson KAOS, I have been wearing them now for some time and do wear them casually. They are comfort epitmoised. Just a comfy shoe. I even wear mine to the gym.

Wilson KAOS 3.0 First Thoughts

The Kaos 3.0 have been refined. The webbing on the toe box and outside of the shoe has been smoothed out. This redesigned upper is still offers protection for toe scrapers and draggers but this change makes the KAOS 3.0 an ounce lighter than its predecessors.  As expected this shoe is very comfortable. The KAOS once again has a bootie type fit and it provides good comfort and support around the ankle. The mid sole cushioning in these shoes is absolutely spot on even for a lightweight tennis shoe. The lacing holds the foot as it should, snug and tight.

These shoes are such an all rounder. It used to be the case when I changed from my tennis shoes to my casual trainers you would really feel the difference. General casual trainers are lighter and more comfortable than their tennis counterparts. The KAOS range have moved towards being like regular shoes. It is a great credit to the shoes to say that they are comfortable for all activities.

There are several colourways available for ladies, mens and juniors. The Navy and Sky blue colours went really well with my club colours. There was no break in period at all for these shoes and I could play with the KAOS 3.0 immediately.

Once I have tried these shoes for 6 weeks I will update this blog with a more extensive review.

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