Wilson Clash a Racket Revolution

Wilson have announced details of their new racket the Clash . This racket is set to revolutionize everything players thought they knew about rackets. 

Wilson will be providing a prototype to 650 players worldwide in November.  An enormous amount of work has gone into this new racket.

• Through thousands of elite and amateur tennis player interviews, focus groups and feedback sessions over the past several years, Wilson heard three central needs from today’s tennis racket — power, control, and feel.

• To create this racket, Wilson broke apart every element of the traditional racket design – from the throat to the beam to the strings to the head – to
look for novel ways to deliver these critical attributes to players.

• The result of that work is a racket with an incredible mix of high-performance playability and accuracy, which gives players ultimate confidence to hit the shots they want to make and know it is going in.

Wilson will be releasing full racket information – including specs, technology, and price – closer to the racket’s global introduction on February 1, 2019, and retail launch on February 15, 2019.

I will trial a Wilson prototype and carry out a rigorous play test of the new technology. Watch this space 

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