Why Your Groundstrokes Lack POWER


Why your groundstrokes lack POWER.

Do your groundstrokes lack the POWER you want?

I know mine did… for a really long time.

Let me tell you a quick story…

I just couldn’t seem to hit the ball like I wanted to.

My balls landed short, and regularly got crushed by my opponents.

I felt like I was just a practice player… to build up the confidence of the OTHER player.

Then one day, I made it my mission to learn how to develop the effortless POWER that I saw the pros had.

I wanted to be able to dictate points and WIN matches.

I spent thousands of dollars on lessons, and hundreds of hours analyzing film of the very best pros.

In the process, I discovered 4 SIMPLE steps that I could take to GUARANTEE, that I got the power that I WANTED.

In this quick video, I’ll show you EXACTLY what YOU need to do if you want to start dominating points, and start hitting some BIG TIME shots.

I think you’ll notice that I enjoy the lighter side of things, and bring the FUN in the fundamentals of tennis.



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