VKTRY Insoles – Jump, Sprint and …..play tennis.


Lets start this article with a video. When I saw this video I immediately wanted to try out these insoles as I know just how important good insoles are to tennis players.

Take a look at the spring and energy return in these insoles. Compare them to a regular pair of shoes and note the difference. As a tennis player and athlete I know just about the importance of having footwear you can feel confident in. Insoles really make or break a pair of shoes. They support the foot in all the right places and offer comfort and cushioning for the sports person.

No two pairs of feet are ever created equal, they are completely unique, and our size and weight will have an impact on the forces going through our feet. So a bespoke pair of insoles designed for the individual will clearly appear to many.

Tennis players try to find the perfect solution for their feet. Go cheap and they wont last,  go for too much cushioning they can be too spongy and the feet can sink into the insoles. VKTRY insoles are made to suit the individual.

I have tried many tennis shoes over the years. I have noticed a general improvement in comfort in that time.  Shoes have got lighter, have better ventilation and still offer the level of performance needed on the tennis court.

VKTRY has pioneered the first carbon fiber insoles designed to help with the energy return of the user. The carbon fiber design is scientifically proven to increase explosiveness by an average of +9.3%. Sports Medicine experts agree that VKs also provide added support, stability and shock absorption. So many tennis players and athletes suffer from injuries like plantar fasciitis and stress fractures.  VK insoles help protect against such injuries.

My VK insoles arrived in a very nice box. Upon opening the box there was a warning accompanied with the instructions. Read the instructions before installing these insoles. The instructions are perfect, clear, succinct and understandable.  They are very easy to put in each shoe especially as they are solid and firm. I never had to adjustthe insole once in the shoe which was perfect.

So how do they measure up? Well initially these insoles do feel quite firm and unforgiving but soon my feet got used to them. The insoles certainly make movement more …..easy. I certainly felt light on my feet and there is certain springiness from the shoes with these insoles compared to their original insoles. I noticed that there is not so much flex in the forefoot near the toes which can feel a little strange initially but I soon got used to it.

The more I played with these insoles the more I enjoyed them and began to really feel the benefits of the VK design. My tennis shoes come alive with the VK Insoles; my movement feels more economical and the feeling I get from the insoles cannot be described. Playing singles I rely on explosive power to get to every ball, to change direction at the drop of the hat. These insoles make a massive difference to my movement. On court these fitted like a glove and made playing tennis very comfortable indeed.

My joints which take a battering on court also felt much better after using these insoles. Much of the impacts from playing on court are absorbed by the insoles. My sore knees which I have been playing with for the past year felt much less tender post game and that can only be due to the VKTRY insoles.

You can check them out for yourself!

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