TRR Pro Collagen Review

I always love competition, should that be on the tennis court or the track. Training programs, fitness plans are all designed to maximize my performance on court. As I have gotten older and probably wiser I have begun to appreciate the importance of good recovery. Any aches or pains are always treated with caution especially as it could impact my ability to train and compete. TRR Pro Collagen have produced a product for Athletes to help with joints and bones. As an amateur tennis player and track and field athlete I thought I would give this a go.

TRR Pro Collagen is developed for Sir Andy Murray, mutliple grand slam tennis champion, Olympic Gold Medallist, former world number one. Andy has been through his fair share of injuries. This is the first time I have tried collagen. Designed to help with muscle fatigue TRR Pro Advanced Collagen is a daily liquid sports supplement. It is designed to support joints, bones and immunity. Combining turmeric, hyaluronic acid, glucosamine, copper, vitamin C and marine collagen.   I have always been super cautious with regards to what I put into my body. I have tried electrolyte tablets, recovery food and other nutritional food.

Recovery the key to performance.

With age we take a lot longer to recover, we get wrinkles, wounds take longer to heal and heavy sessions take more out of us.  Collagen can help with all these things and plus promote sleeping and recovery. Getting collagen into the diet can be really tough and none of them particularly palatable. A 50ml bottle of TRR Pro Advanced Collagen with top notch marine collagen. Peptan peptides are natural and high purity and have more than 97% protein. We are assured that this product does not contain any banned substances.  

This is a daily supplement and best taken after a training session for maxim effect. It is advised taking it for 30 days to see best results. Each pack has 10 x 50ml bottles and costs £38.99. A month supply will cost you over £100. TRR suggest drop to every other day after 3 months. This is not a cheap product and TRR try and offer quantity discounts. 

For clarity I would like to point out this is not a scientific review. I suppose to do that properly you would need a review in a lab with a control test and TRR supplement. I took my months supply of TRR Collagen. On the days I trained I aimed to take it straight after the session, on my off day I took it after a meal. A bit of advice it does take a little getting used to. I was delighted when I was sent the Cherry flavour but was a little shocked the first time I tried TRR Collagen. It is a combination of different flavours which really must be tried to get a good idea of it.  I now just empty the whole contents of my bottle down my throat and I barely notice the taste. I guess does medicine ever taste good? In general it doesn’t but it is good for you.  

Every athlete wants to recover quickly for the next session. I am no different in this regard. This particular month has been a very hard block of sessions and I have been taking a lot out of my body. Ofcourse I wake up every morning hoping that my muscle fatigue is no longer there and that I can bounce down the stairs to face the world.  I much more rested than before. Although I haven’t been sleeping longer perhaps the quality of my sleep is a lot better than it once was. My muscles and joints are less achey than they can be.  My knees especially are less sore than usual which is a nice benefit.

How do I know this is down the TRR Collagen?

Everything else has remained the same in my diet, my stretching and my recovery. I have absolutely nothing else to attribute this to other than the Collagen. although I have no empirical evidence to back this up  I know I am giving my body the best chance of recovery.  TRR Pro Collagen is a specific supplement which will appeal to those who take their sport seriously. There is no denying the fact that it is an expensive product but given the research that has gone into it and its results we know the reason why! Many will look at this and think if it is good enough for Andy Murray it is good enough for me.

This could be the top few percent in your performance.

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