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The Olympic Games are often called the greatest show on earth. Every 4 years the world’s greatest athletes come together in the largest sporting gathering. Olympics Games live long in the collective memory.

Who can forget Usain Bolt winning his 100m gold medals? Michael Phelps powering down the last 50m of the pool beating Mark Spitz record of 7 medals in one Games? What about Australian Aborigine Cathy Freeman in her body suit winning the 400m at her home game. All standout moments in sporting history. The Olympics genuinely bring people from all walks of life together. The world stops for that 2 weeks. Tennis too has begun to achieve a more elevated profile at the Olympic Games. The worlds’ best tennis players now schedule the Olympic Tennis events as one of their priorities alongside the Grand Slam tournaments.

Total Olympics “An indispensable Olympic resource and a lot of pure fun” launches this May before Tokyo Olympics in Summer 2021. We will be reviewing this book in due course, keep an eye out on our review.

Legends are born every two years (or so) at the Olympic Games. At the limit of feasible human performance, the names of elite athletes like Simone Biles, Usain Bolt, and Michael Phelps are elevated to myth as their medal count grows and news of their athletic feats spreads across the globe. Their stories are firmly entrenched in the modern day Olympic lore, but how about names from Olympics past like Charles Daniels, Paavo Nurmi or Johnny Weissmuller? Marit Bjorgen, Larisa Latynina or the Golden Girls of Zimbabwe? Most of these names and stories have fallen from the Zeitgeist to the unwarranted anonymity that occurs over the passage of time. Until now. This May, before the 2021 Summer Games get underway in Tokyo, Workman Publishing and author Jeremy Fuchs will celebrate the release of “TOTAL OLYMPICS: Every Obscure, Hilarious, Dramatic and Inspiring Tale Worth Knowing” (May 11, 2021), an entertaining and extensively researched book that recalls both the familiar and lesser-known anecdotes from the games, forgotten moments untold stories, and the fascinating people who achieved Olympic glory and Olympic shame (and sometimes both) over the Olympics’ rich and controversial history. At its core, the Olympics are about the people who compete. Talented, flawed people who have transformed athletic achievement into a worldwide spectacle. TOTAL OLYMPICS celebrates those people—flaws and all—and illuminates the very best stories that make the Olympics the world’s event. We are awed by their tales of perseverance and virtuosity; swept away by their big personalities and record-breaking performances. TOTAL OLYMPICS reintroduces readers to the original teenage wonder Bob Mathias; “Pocket Hercules” Naim Suleymanoglu; and the record-breaking Australian swimmer who grew up allergic to chlorine, Ian Thorpe. Each Olympics is a mishmash of thousands of these little stories, making up one glorious two-week adventure. Multiply those thousands of stories by 51 Olympics over 122 years, and you get a collection of sports yarns and legends unlike any other. TOTAL OLYMPICSTOTAL OLYMPICS also covers:

  • How the first Olympic “gold” medalists in a millennium and a half didn’t receive gold medals
  • How gold, silver, and bronze medals were introduced in 1904
  • How Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a fainting pastry chef, champagne energy drinks, and Queen Alexandra all had a part to play in the 1908 Olympic marathon in London
  • The story of George Patton competing in the modern pentathlon at the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm
  • How the Olympic flame was reignited before the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam
  • How the 1932 Summer Olympics introduced a number of innovations that have become staples
  • An odd Olympic love story for Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl
  • The Olympic saga of Jewish gymnast Agnes Keleti forced into hiding before competing after 12 years of unimaginable anguish and seemingly endless waiting
  • The inside story of the East German doping program
  • The oldest Olympic medalist: John Copley, 73, won silver in the “mixed paintings” in 1948
  • The 1948 austerity games: Featuring unparalleled talent and the unflappable spirit of its athletes
  • The creation of the Olympic rings logo
  • The 1956 Olympic water polo match that will live in infamy: Hungary vs. the Soviet Union
  • The shortest length of time holding a world record ever: 1.2 seconds
  • The amazing story of Czech gymnast Vera Caslavska in the months befoe the 1968 Summer Olympics
  • The story of the unprepared Peter Norman, podium mate of John Carlos and Tommie Smith
  • Famous Olympic ad campaigns
  • The complicated life in the headlines of Caitlyn Jenner
  • The financial mayhem in the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montréal
  • The rumored, but very real, hedonism in the Olympic Village
  • Discontinued Olympic sports like club swing, pistol dueling, live pigeon shooting, firefighting, and solo synchronized swimming
  • The global influence of “The Dream Team”, the 1992 United States Olympic Basketball Team
  • A brief history of the Paralympics.

 28 Summer Olympics. 23 Winter Olympics. 18,588 medals awarded to date. Jeremy Fuchs has researched each and every one to grant readers access to all of the greatest inside stories of disqualifications and debacles; strychnine and sucker punches; shin kicking and the mass killing of doves in 1988. It’s all here. Every star. Every moment. Every nail-biting finish. Every heartbreak. Every triumph. From pitifully poor showings to once-in-a-lifetime performances for the ages, TOTAL OLYMPICS collects all of the stories, stats, results, artwork and classic images, and gets readers ready for the Summer Games in Tokyo.

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