Top 4 reasons for a Tennis Racquet Vibration Dampener

What Is A Tennis Racquet Vibration Dampener?

A tennis racquet vibration dampener is usually a small piece of rubber which sits between the strings and absorbs some of the  shock generated from hitting shots. Using a dampener is a matter of personal choice.  We take a look at the best reasons for having one.

Sweeten the sound!

We all know that sometimes your tennis racquet doesnt exactly make the sweetest of sounds when you ping a forehand over the net. A tennis dampener will reduce anyvibration from the strings and in doing so reduce the ping that you get from hitting the ball. Many players play with a dampener just as they do not like the noise of the ball striking their strings.

Vibration Dampening

A tennis dampener will absorb the vibration going through the racquet and arm. If you suffer from tendonitis or arm problem a dampener may relieve the pain slightly.  If you have tennis elbow and you want to protect yourself from further damage a vibration dampener will not do the trick but will help a little.  Take an objective look at the physics of tennis racquets and makes it clear that you shouldn’t rely on tennis racquet dampeners to reduce shock to the extent that it would have any impact on preventing injury.

Cool and funky

Most tennis racquet vibration dampeners are colourful and cool and will brighten up any racket. The come in all shapes and sizes. Andre Agassi famously used a big fat juicy elastic band. So if your budget doesnt extend to a fancy brand name then perhaps an elastic band would do just as good a job.

Easily Installed.

Vibration dampeners are inserted into a tennis racquet string bed outside the pattern of crossed strings and typically below the bottom most cross string of a racquet, which falls directly above the throat of a tennis racquet. With a little bit of brute force a racket dampener can be applied to the strings of any racket. Even if they pop out during a rally it is easily popped back in the stringbed. A child could do it!

Types of Tennis Dampeners.

There is a vast array of tennis dampeners available. Principally there are two primary types of tennis racquet vibration dampeners. The most common type of vibration dampener is  a “button” dampener, since they’re roughly the size of a large button and frequently circle in shape.The other type of dampener is called a scorpion dampener which goes in and out of the string bed and dampens more strings. They are also known as worm dampeners.  Players like Sharapova use a rubber band dampener.

A Tennis Racquet Vibration Dampener is really a personal choice. If you like the feel then buy one if not then no biggie!

Some of the most popular Tennis Racquet Vibration Dampener include:

Novak Djokovic and his custom vibration dampener complete with his falcon logo.

Pete Sampras and his classic donut shaped Tourna vibration dampener.

Forten Inch Worm vibration dampener

Gamma String Things vibration dampeners

Wilson Pro Feel vibration dampener

Wilson Emotisorb vibration dampeners

Muzitao vibration dampeners

Head Smartsorb vibration dampener

Gamma Shockbuster 2 vibration dampener


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