The Wimbledon Queue- Trilogy

In what many at LOVEtennis Blog have been dubbing the longest blog in grandslam history, we continue the 3rd part of the Wimbledon Queue trilogy as our three Amigos have just got their tickets for centre court having spent most of the night entertaining fellow queuers.

As we lay in our pen, lying on each other for a bit of comfort we nodded off now and again. We were periodically woken by other happy queuers on the opposite side of the fence, happy that the end was in sight. When eventually the grounds opened up at 1030am, we made the trek up to Henman Hill and not for the reason you would think! We positioned ourselves under a few shadey trees at the top of the hill and nodded off to sleep, completely wasting the opportunity to see the players hit the practice courts!

I was eventually woken by Senor Scorah who had brought me an ice cool Coffee drink, one of them £7 things you can only ever buy at SW19! What an expensive but thoroughly tasty surprise. We made our way down to Centre Court and were thoroughly impressed by our seats, maybe 2 rows from the front beside the scoreboard! We all frantically texted our mammys reminding them  ‘set the video recorder, Il be on tv all afternoon’ I think I sent that text to everybody in my phonebook, my leg didnt stop vibrating .


So having queued all night, slept on the dirty pavement, ate next to nothing and drank warm water been rudely awoken by a chirpy English gentleman and then queued some more, we were totally knakered. It is something that  must be done once, it is a fantastic experience but by the time the tennis comes around you cannot help but be absolutely shattered!

So follow these simple steps and get the best tickets you can get without spending the whole night on the pavement. 1) Join the queue early in the evening, set up your tent when you can. 2) At a suitable point in the evening when darkness is beginning to fall and most people are closing up their tents, zip up your tent and walk away as if nothing strange is happening 3) Head to the B&B that you have booked for that all important soft mattress and pillow 4) Set the alarm for 5am and make your way back to the queue just before the queue starts moving. Voila you have your position in the queue without having to do the hard bit, you avoid having to carry any of your sodden tent or clothes around all day too!

If you havent done Wimbledon before, try the queue it is something you will never regret!

2 thoughts on “The Wimbledon Queue- Trilogy

  1. wow! What a trilogy, Isner/Mahut first then Fryer/Queue the next! You paint such an amazing picture that I would like to try the overnight queue one night.

    Just one question, Did your Mammy’s capture you on TV in the end???

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