Testing the Tennis Ball Saver


Testing the Tennis Ball Saver :In previous articles, we discussed the importance of playing with new balls, or balls that would maintain a decent pressure, concluding that time and use degrade balls pretty quickly, they cease being useful even when not used, once the bounce is open.

For the past month, we’ve been testing a product on the market: Tennis Ball Saver. This invention seeks to respond to the need to extend the life of tennis balls

We’ve performed the test with two different brands of balls:

Slazenger Wimbledon and Head Team.

We have also tested the balls in two situations: one playing several games in a row, and another one not playing with the ball for a few days in between. That is, degradation of the ball by use and degradation by time. The latter case is important because we’ve all lost bounce just because they were open, which is why we wanted to know if this bounce would help.

How to use?

The way of using the bounce is very simple. It has two parts: on one side, a white plastic deposit with a thread; and on the other side, an yellow boat also with a thread, if you choose so, so that when screwing both sides, the tube puts more pressure into the container where the balls are, which according to the brand’s instructions, is greater than the pressure of the ball itself. And then slowly get within the ball. So it is assumed that the pressure created will make the balls bounce similar to the “original bounce” when it left the factory.

And then, the balls just stay there until you use them.


TEST: first situation. 

Slazenger Wimbledon in Tennis Ball Saver after a game, and after being open for two weeks without use.

The first situation that we tested was leaving the balls in the Tennis Ball Saver for two weeks after playing a game, using Slazenger Wimbledon balls. After playing the game, we put the balls in the Tennis Ball Saver container. Two weeks later, we opened it and the balls were very hard. We cannot say if they had more pressure, as the balls only had 1.5 hours of use, but they did not seem to have lost pressure.

When we started to play, we didn’t notice the ball hadn’t been used for two weeks, they usually feel as if they’ve been used for 4 matches instead of one. During the match, the ball performed normally, as if it was almost new. It’s much better than usual when you play two games in different days.

Verdict: after two weeks of not using it, it felt as if we played with a brand new ball. Great till here!


TEST: second situation

Slazenger Wimbledon Balls in Tennis Ball Saver after each daily match, using them again the next day.

After the first test, we opened another Slazenger Wimbledon tube and started using it daily, playing with them every day, to surprising results.

The ball was perfect in its second match, it was difficult to distinguish it, although this is usually more or less common in this ball’s case, but it is true. Normally, when you open it, you notice some wearing in the second match, but in this case, besides the fact that it was not a hairy ball, it appeared to be visually new.

In the third match, the ball’s bounce was still perfect; in fact, there were noticeable differences with the previous day. In its fourth match, the ball was losing bounce, but it’s clear that the bounce pressurizer works, since it bounced as it was an open ball’s second match.

In its fifth match, we saw that the ball started to lose some qualities, but every time we closed the container, it was hard to get the balls out when we opened it; so it gave us the feeling that they were winning pressure at least at the start of the rally.

As the ball continued to perform with a decent bounce, we used it in a sixth match and, to our continuous surprise, it performed in an a very acceptable state. For the seventh match more or less the same. We headed for the 8th match, in which the ball lost some of its power, so we decided it had given its all.

Verdict: 7.5 matches is the life of the Slazenger Wimbledon ball using Tennis  Ball Saver.

TEST: third situation

Head Team Balls in Tennis Ball Saver in the previous situations

The third test was conducted with the Head Team a ball that’s a little hairier than the Slazenger Wimbledon. We wanted, within the types that we like, to see how the bounce worked with a ball that “sucked” more moisture because of its hair.

After the first match, we put the ball in the tube and we didn’t open it after two days had passed. The result did not surprise us, since we had seen it with the Slazenger Wimbledon balls. We used them and put them back in the Tennis Ball Saver container.

Without using the Tennis Ball Saver, the Head Team balls had a really bad bounce in their third match, so it was interesting to see how the ball did with it. To our surprise, the ball was nice, you could tell it wasn’t new, but it had the typical bounce of only a 2 sets ball, even though it was being used in its third match.

In its fourth match, the ball is still good and the pressure seems to be practically the same; in fact, when they leave the container, they look even more swollen. I don’t know if it is perception, but we’re sure that since we’ve been putting the balls in the bounce, they don’t lose pressure in there, which makes it a super interesting product.

At the end of its fourth match, the ball is a little more “soft,” so we put it in the Tennis Ball Saver again and, when removed for its fifth match, the ball felt hard again; even though it had less bounce, it offered a decent result, but we’re conscious it had little life left. It felt a little “bare,” and truth is, we didn’t remember Heads giving these kinds of results in their fifth match. For its sixth match almost the same, and for the 7th match the ball started fine, but ended up showing its wearing.

Verdict: Head balls, which usually lasted for 2-3 matches, were usable for 6-7 matches with Tennis Ball Saver. 

Following these findings and considering that we usually hold the balls until their third match, unless there’s high humidity, which means we could switch them up in their second match; and when they are open we don’t normally give them more than two weeks; it certainly seems like a product that helps to extend the life of the balls and, therefore, your wallet.

You can purchase Tennis Ball Saver here.

Max Delefit – 20 years coaching tennis and owner of Tennis DF megastore.

“Trying to help you choose the best tennis material”.

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