Tennis Score Rules Explained in a Nutshell

Tennis Score Rules Explained in a Nutshell
Tennis is one really exciting ball game that is played by many and loved by most. It is played as a single- where only two players are involved or a double- where four players are involved. The main objective of the game is for you or your team to score as many points or to win sets faster than the opposing players. Sex determines how many sets to win. In the women’s game, you have to win two sets while in the men’s game three sets must be won. To win a set, you must win is at least six games with at least two sets ahead. To win a game you must win four points and be at least two points ahead.

The tennis court is 78 feet long by 36 feet wide and the net is 3.5 feet above the ground. The area of play is different for both singles and doubles. The game starts with one player making a serve by standing behind the line and hitting the ball into the opposite square area of the opponent’s court and the opponent’s is allow a maximum of one bounce before he can hit the ball back. If the opponent was not able to hit it back you score. 1 point is equal to 15, two points =30 and tree points =40 and if you score four points and you are at least two points ahead you win the game. The only time this change is when the scores are equal and it is called a Deuce and you now have to win two straight points to win the game. So if you win six sets with two points ahead you win the match and the next game begins when with the opponents serving the ball.

I do hope you don’t get confused. This though can be changed when you attend a few matches and watch the game .

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