Tennis Pro turns musician & releases single

Introducing Brant Buckley, a musician (Berklee College of Music Grad) and a tennis pro. Brant had a career ending tennis injury in his foot and subsequently wrote a song about it called Nerve Damage Blues. Brant used to teach full time at The Midtown Athletic Club in Chicago which is one of the largest teaching facilities in the world with over 30 teaching pros and his career ending tennis injury in 2015. Here is his story. You can listen to his single ‘Nerve Damage Blues’

In 2014, I landed a job as a tennis teaching professional at a prestigious teaching club in Chicago, IL. About a year later in May of 2015, I suffered a career ending tennis injury. I was teaching a private lesson and went to hit a forehand and felt my right foot go out. For about a year following the injury, I visited roughly 8-10 Doctors and no one could really figure out what was going on with my foot. After getting booted from Workers Comp, by a hired gun insurance man, and still being completely injured, I found a great foot doctor who told me exactly what was going on and finally gave me a diagnosis of Neuropraxia of the calcaneus foot branch. He said it was about a 3 year fix. A lawsuit later, I wrote Nerve Damage Blues about this whole 4 year ordeal, that really was hard for me. It gave me some real bad Blues and taught me what Blues music is all about. I am thankful for the tennis injury as it gave me my new musical sound. Through the practice of Kriya Yoga meditation, I healed my foot. It took roughly 4 years. Although I will never be able to teach tennis for seven to eight hours a day again, I am able to play without pain for a few hours. I am still very cautious and still do have numbness but I thought I was never going to walk properly again. It happened for a reason to really learn the Blues. I came to Chicago to learn Blues music and that’s exactly what I got.

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