Tennis players – Give it socks.

I enjoy playing tennis competitively. Should that be in summer, winter or whenever I love to get the competitive juices flowing. Competitive tournament tennis is another level of competition, perhaps a higher standard than regular club play.

In three set battles I love to take a break between sets and clear my head, take a drink, have a banana and perhaps change my tee shirt. I have also recently got into the habit of changing my socks. Sweaty, sand filled socks can be incredibly warm and uncomfortable.  There is no greater feeling than putting on a pair of fresh socks. Dry, plush and comfortable. Lovely! It sets me up perfect for the third set.

Love your feet?

When you think about it socks are the item of clothing we almost all wear everyday. The wardrobe staple, the ankle warmer. Do we think much about the purchase decision when we buy socks? Probably not. But why don’t we? This is an item of clothing that we all use. I hate when my socks chafe or when they slide down the back of my shoe and get a blister.

Socks are something that every sportsperson should consider investing in, none more so than tennis players. Think about how moving tennis is, as a sport, side to side, back and forth up and back. Movement is essential in tennis whether singles or doubles. Being comfortable enough to move is key to performing well on court

So how did I find these tennis socks?

The tennis sock model which I tried were called ‘Comodo’ which means comfortable in Spanish! Nice job! Tennis players need to feel comfortable and confident on court and I most certainly did in these socks.

As a tennis player you can tell these are a tennis specific product. The material is very thick and plush and gives plenty of protection to the foot. From the moment I tried these on I felt the build quality. They are extremely comfortable and get a massive thumbs up from me.

The elastic is snug too. Cushioned heel adds extra comfort as does the arch support which keeps my foot held nicely in place. I wore these on court over a few weeks and always found that they held up perfectly. I didn’t need to yank them up every 10 minutes which means I could concentrate on my own tennis.

These plush socks are worth a try. Buy a few pairs and stick them in your racket bag. You never know when they are going to come in handy. If you want to take a look at some of the other socks on offer why not check out Soxsmith.

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