Tennis News at your fingertips

Tennis News at your fingertips

The ATP and WTA tennis tours take tennis throughout the world to all four corners of the globe. There are literally tournaments in every continent. As a tennis fan it is great to have so much tennis for almost 11 months of the year. The tennis fanatic will have all the mobile apps to track the score, check out h2h and listen live to the matches. I love listening to the podcasts especially the Tennis Podcast to keep track of everything in the world of tennis. My smart phone opens the window to the world of tennis. When I am low on battery or worse out of 4G I hate when an important match is on. On occasion I try to catch a sneaky look at the scores on court between sets.? Without my phone I would be lost. I do my utmost not to drop my phone but I have dropped it face down so many times. If you want a case that protects your phone and you can make it your own why not try a personalised phone case? Mine really does look the part and is very protective!

I have lots of tennis apps on my phone. I love an app called Calio, which is essentially a calendar app which enables my phone to alert me to when the big matches are taking place. Say for example a grand slam was taking place, the times of the big matches with my favourite players ( Masha) would be included in my diary. This is a seriously useful app which I have really begun to enjoy and find useful. I suppose you get the gist that my phone is my everything when it comes to tennis. If I misplace it or lose it, its like being without a body part.

So for this tennis fan at least my smart phone is a portal to the tennis world. Ofcourse I want to protect my most prized asset.  They produce covers for almost every phone type even produce  iPhone 6 personalised cases. If you value your phone then a good cover is a must. Given how much I love my tennis news and results my phone is my go to device for access to all this information. The biggest events like the slams provide so much content and media for fans. From video, live radio and blog plus all the social media stuff.

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