Tennis Birthday Cards by Laura Gill

Ever wondered what to get a tennis player or fan for their birthday? If you are like me you have probably trawled all the high street stores looking for that perfect tennis birthday card or gift, trailing the online stores trying to find something remotely tennis like. Fear not I think I have found a solution. I received a fantastic handmade birthday card from the outrageously talented Edinburgh Artist Laura Gill.



Check it out. The design is complete with its own scottish tartan, designed and produced by Laura herself.  Her work explores the timeless quality of the movement of the human figure. By simplifying the figure so that it is neither male or female, nor of a specific time place or race, the body is represented by a continuous microcosm of continually changing rhythmic forms. The repititious shapes and patterns in her images illustrate the way that movements of the human body transcend over time.  If like me you fancy a something, unique, individual and tennis, you can contact Laura on Facebook or on Twitter

You may blog this work, but always link back to Laura’s site ( Please DO NOT remove her signature from it.

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