String Kong – Banana Bite String Review


Testing “Banana Bite “ String , a co-poly monofilament made by String-Kong, an Italian based company. Colour is neon yellow. The manufacturer’s emphasis is on the strings ability to spin and increase the sweet-spot thus optimising comfort and forgiveness. Gauge tested was calibre 1.19mm strung at  40lbs , played for around 12 hours.


Banana bite certainly lives up to its name.

Due to the low string tension, there is plenty of time for the ball to rest on the string bed allowing for top-spin to be played with ease.As for the banana shot, if it’s in your arsenal of weaponry, the string will not disappoint as side-spin is possible with minimal effort.

Don’t forget the other bite, downwards, as your slice can develop into the much desired knife-slice leaving your opponent having to dig the ball up from the court.Despite the low tension, the string bed remains firm with no need to realign the strings to maintain the sweet spot .

As with all strings , there is the trade-off between power and spin.Power is possible with a more pronounced back-swing thus increasing racket head speed. Surprisingly, this does not come at a cost to the arm with no signs of tightness or tension.The strings held their tension over the period of play which is impressive.


Banana Bite is a welcome addition to the string market and priced at £96 ( inc-shipping to UK ) per 200m reel for the 1.19 gauge , it represents excellent value for money. The string is clearly aimed at the players who thrive on spin , spin and more spin.

So if your game is all about spin, Banana Bite is certainly worth sinking your teeth into.( Banana Bite available online )

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