SOS Rehydrate Lifestyle Survival Drink Product Review


We all know the importance of being properly hydrated especially when participating in sport. A slight reduction in hydration within a body can markedly affect performance. SOS Rehydrate was launched in the UK recently by Sir Ben Ainslie sailor extraordinaire and Team England runner James Mayo. SOS offers healthy hydration for active lifestyles that is comparable to an IV Drip at combatting mild to moderate dehydration.

The design of the package is instantly noticeable, the silve livery shouts pick me up! Each box of SOS Rehydrate contains 5 sachets, in effect 5 drinks and the recommended retail price is £8. The drinks are easy to make up, tear open a sachet, pop it in a bottle of water and let the poweder dissolve. Within 2 mins you have a ready made sports electrolyte drink.

I know many will be familiar with the other products on the market all of which have been on the market for many years. These are good products in their own right. Read my reviews on the leading contenders here. Where SOS Rehydrate puts itself into a league of its own is its electrolyte content. The product is designed for people in endurance events such as runners, footballers, tennis players, sailors etc. It is scientifically proven to rehydrate those with mild to moderate dehydration. It is a serious bit of kit.

The blueberry flavour is actually quite tasty and very unique. No other hydration drink offers this flavour. The drink is not fizzy and did not fill me with gas like other hydration drinks do. It was very drinkable and it did not seem that I was drinking a low calorie dehyration buster! I even tried the drink at work one particularly busy afternoon, it was great.

The only areas where this product could be improved are value for money and the fact that it comes in a powder form in a sachet not a tablet which other brands seem to embrace. There is a lot to be said for tablet form, simpler, less mess and easy made. With a sachet you never know if you have all the powder in the drink and there is always the danger of ripping it open all over the place. At £8 for 5 drinks the product is really positioned at the top end of the market. It is using the fact that it is scientifically proven and has more electrolyte content than its rivals as its USP.

Will it take off? Consumers are much more aware of the choice of hydration available to them. The product will need extensive marketing to break the domination of the SIS, NUUN, High 5 type brands and even then, will customers really fork out £8 for 5 drinks when they can get 20 for  a similar price? All in all, this is a great product, I love the science behind it, it tastes great and is very appealing on the eye.

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