Rafael Nadal Australian Open Gear 2018 – Sleeveless

NADAL has appeared in his sleeveless Nike top for the Australian OPEN. The look which was popularised by Nadal over 10 years ago is back much to the delight of his fans.

There is news coming from Spain that Rafael Nadal will revert to sleeveless top for Australian Open 2018. It has been 10 long years since Rafa was last pictured playing a competitive match with his sleeves. There is a huge amount of excitement amongst fans to see Nadal finally return to the sleeveless tops of old.


Rafael Nadal has already announced that he has completed the treatment for his troublesome knee injury and will make his return to the tour in December at the World Tennis Championships in Abu Dhabi. The small select field will play in an exhibition event. Rafa is also due to play in Brisbane before he heads to Melbourne for the first grand slam of the year.
The gear above is what Nadal will wear for the Australian Open and Indian Wells, the first ‘big’ events of the year.

He has chosen to wear the Nike Cage 3 in the Australian Open 2018.

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