Rafa time wasting storm showing no signs of abating.

imagesCAXSKDVBThe furore around Rafael Nadals special treatment from umpires shows no signs of abating. The issue of Nadal the World Number one receiving special treatment from umpires has been highlighted by fellow pros and some have pointed out that a lesser player would have received a point penalty for the continued abuse of the 25 second rule.

Dmitry Tursunov was warned by umpire Cedric Mourier in last weeks Rotterdam Indoors about his slow play. The Russian quipped, ‘how much am i over’, as much as Rafa or less? I think Rafa is eight seconds over and nobody ever gives him a warning’ The Russian continued to berate the umpire suggesting that Nadal receives special treatment from umpires.

Tursunov then asked Mourier how many times he had given a  penalty to Nadal.

“Ten times, 12 times, once?” he asked, before adding: “Rafa will pick his ass for 30 seconds and you guys will watch it. You’re not going to say a word.”

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