Qlipp Plus- The Worlds first Smart dampener

18 months ago I became involved in a project with Singaporean start up company 9 Degrees Freedom. At the time they were developing a string based smart tennis sensor, the first of its kind on the market. I used the dampener for a period of time before I made the following video excited to be part of such a fantastic product. The company and the CEO Donny Soh listened to my feedback and eventually have produced the Worlds first Smart Tennis Sensor. It really is a fantastic product. It is easily installed, causes minimal interference in the swing and provides superb, easily interpretable data. A superb product.

Not a company to rest on their laurels, 9 Degrees Freedom have decided to make their product even better again. Later on this year Qlipp will launch the Qlipp Plus.  The Qlipp Plus will be more durable than ever and come complete with a dampening cover to slip over the top of the device.  Qlipp have also introduced an L shaped charging cable so that you can charge the device without removing it from the strings. This is a fantastic l ittle innovation which saves finger nails and time geeting the device on and off. So the good news is that I will be helping 9 Degrees freedom with the development of the Qlipp Plus. Once again I will be trying out the Qlipp Plus and giving you plenty of reasons to invest in this little device.

QLIPP measures every part of your stroke, analyzing the spin, speed and sweetspot accuracy of each shot. The data captured by QLIPP is transferred wirelessly to the mobile app in real-time. From providing session by session progress tracking to utilizing your smartphone’s camera for video analysis of your form, the app can help you identify errors to develop a stronger swing.

Match your skills with other players worldwide through our QLIPP community. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced tennis player, QLIPP is your perfect tennis companion to help you #UpYourGame.


What is new in QLIPP Plus


Stay tuned for our future articles on the Qlipp Plus Smart Tennis Sensor.

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