Preview of the Australian Open

Preview of the Australian Open

The tennis world recently concluded their version of the World Cup, the Davis Cup, last month. The event sees teams from a number of countries compete against one another. The major concluding event for the year, France was the winner in the end. Tennis fans are now focusing their attention of the upcoming Australian Open which will commence a few weeks into the New Year.

Roger Federer

At last year’s open, Federer had a stellar performance making him being a top choice to see success here again. Now with a total of five Australian Open titles under his belt, Federer is definitely eying a third to begin his 2018 career. Also winning Wimbledon last year, Federer comes to Australia with quite a lot of momentum behind him and oddsmakers realize this setting his odds at winning at 3 to 1.

Rafael Nadal

Runner-up in 2017, Nadal will return to the Australian Open. Nadal has only won the Open once in 2009. Nadal finished 2017 with a top ranking in Men’s Singles Tennis. However, if Nadal ends up in the final match pitted against Federer, this could cause some concern. In the last five meetings between the two, Federer has won all of them. Despite this, the majority of the odds found at still see Nadal as a potential winner with odds at 7/2.

Novak Djokovic

Djokovic needs to be included in this list as he has won the most Australian Opens over the past decade with a total of six. However, his performance appears to be declining as he went the entire 2017 season without winning a major event. An elbow injury sidelined Djokovic for part of the season. Now healthy, his chances of winning are 4 to 1.

Tennis fans are already placing sports bets on the competition which isn’t due to start for a month.

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