Posture Hero Sports Review

Im tall. I like being tall. It has its advantages for sport but it also can prove problematic on an aeroplane with those narrow seats. One of my big fears is developing a hunchback, bending over so much at my computer or desk and having a hunch. Perhaps Im being irrational, who knows?

Sometimes I catch a reflection as I walk past a window, flip who is that guy with the rounded shoulders. Oh dear. Its me! I then spend the rest of the day consciously trying to pin my shoulders back. Good posture is surprisingly uncommon. Think how much we bend to look at our tiny screens, or how low our computer screens are as we strain to see it?

The Posture Hero Sports
This is a strap for your upper back. Designed to improve your posture and correct any imbalances in your spine. Posture Hero Sports is available in 3 sizes and 3 different colours. Straps can be adjusted to fit everyone. When trying this on for the first time it reminds me of trying the seat belt on in the bumper cars/ dodgems. It is surprisingly comfy and gently pushes the upper back and spine into position. It is recommended to wear over clothing as the strapping may interfere or rub on your skin.

I used this on court and found it comfortable. I hardly even noticed it was there. It certainly didnt have any negative effect on my shotmaking. The hero sports is gentle. It doesnt thrust your body in a foreign position just applies some pressure it is deceptively effective.

This strap is easy to put on. I tried it both on top of and under clothing and I certainly found it more comfortable on top of clothing. I found on bare skin it was quite tight and it chafed a little bit. Be careful though if you wear modern sports clothing the velcro attachment can catch on any garment and pull the threads.

Did it work?

This product is designed by medical professionals at the London Spine clinic. It certainly pressed gently on my shoulders so that I was in a more upright position. When wearing the strap which I found more comfortable the more I wore it. It certainly encouraged me to stand tall and gently pushed my shoulders back. With continual use over a period of time I am sure it will improve posture.

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