The Perfect Present for a Tennis Fan

The Perfect Present for a Tennis Fan

The Perfect Present for a Tennis Fan

Its December, the decorations are up, the shopping malls are full and there is a characteristic nip in the air. In a few weeks the big man from the North Pole will be making his annual visit. Have you been good? Are you looking for the Perfect Presentfor a tennis fan?

A few years ago Love Tennis Blog gave you The 12 days of Christmas,  eleven birthday candles, ten fans a leaping, nine players striving, eight maids a modelling, seven pairs of slippers, six Swiss watches, five silver charms, four tennis balls, three great reads, two pairs of Armani pants and a Gilette Fusion Razor Blade. Tennis players love nothing better than some tennis gear in their stockings but with so much choice out there it can be difficult to pick the perfect gift. At Love Tennis Blog we will try and guide you along the right path so that you are not embarrassingly asked for the Gift Receipt in January.

Tennis Rackets.

Chosing a tennis racket is a very personal thing. Chances are if the person you are buying to plays frequently they will know what they like and probably wont want change. Check their racket bag as some will have at least 2 identical rackets. You cant go wrong buying a third because you never know when it may be needed. If you can sneak to check their kit, why not ask them up front the make and model of the racket they want.

If you are buying to a social player who needs an upgrade from their 1980s Wilson the choice is less difficult as anything will be an improvement on what they have. I would always suggest go safe in such a situation ie don’t purchase a pro weighted stick which they will have enormous difficulty swinging. Go into the local store and ask for advice from the assistant. If this isn’t possible take a look at the specs yourself.

Aim for the following guidelines

Head Size 98 sq inch to 107 sq inch ( ample head size)

Weight 250-299g would be a safe bet for purchase of a racket.

You can have a read here about picking the perfect racket.

Tennis Shoes

Like tennis rackets tennis shoes are probably the most important purchase you will have to buy. We all know how much a moving sport tennis is and good supportive durable shoes are essential to facilitate good movement on a tennis court. This year at Love Tennis Blog we have been very lucky and had the opportunity to test out 10 of the best shoes available. Like rackets there are shoes for every budget and foot type and as such a brand new pair of court shoes will certainly put a smile on everyones face on Christmas morning. Ask for advice at your local store or if this isn’t possible use live chat on one of the many tennis retailers.

Price wise shoes can be picked up from $30/ £35 and go up to well over $100/£120. In the higher price bracket you can rarely purchase a bad shoe but bear in mind that the general rule is the more the shoe costs the better the durability. So by buying a cheaper pair you may end up buying twice anyway.

Tennis Clothing

Looking the part on court is important to a lot of people. There are many manufacturers of sports clothing who produce great performing attire at great prices. I love getting tennis kit for Christmas, I can look forward to the better weather in the spring and enjoy the first time I get to try it out. Tennis players are an expressive bunch so don’t hesitate in buying colourful clothing. If there is one place you can get away with bright clothing it’s the tennis court. For ladies dresses, vest tops , shorts and skorts are all common items and easily gotten hold of. Mens wear includes shorts, t shirts and warmup tops.

Tennis Tech

If you want to really buy an innovative and dazzling present then a tennis performance sensor may be the very thing!  Devices are now available that fit on every racket and measure power, spin, slices amongst other things. These fascinating devices are brilliant for students of the game who love to disect every element of their own game.  There are some great devices available and wont cost the earth. Check out the following article in which we compare the best tennis sensors of 2016. we look at string dampener devices and also shaft mounted devices both of which  do equally good job.

Stocking Fillers

Tennis balls, keyrings, sweat bands, visors and balls are all great stocking fillers and cheap too. The tennis player in your live will love any of these little trinkets.  Looking for a big present or small we hope we have given you some food for thought and help you with some last minute present buying!

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