ORS Hydro Tablets Review

 Have you ever wondered what those top tennis players drink whilst on court? We know it isn’t water as  it would be clear.  Nadals two bottles have become famous over the years for the way he leaves them at his seat. Andre Agassi had a special potion prepared by Gil Reyes and you will frequently see Andy Murray bring his drink of choice onto court in huge bottles. These drinks are of course electrolyte drinks.
ORS hydration tablets are designed to maximise hydration and combine three electrolyte minerals (sodium, potassium and chloride) in a soluble tablet.There’s also a small amount of added glucose (1.8g per tablet), ORS say  that sodium is absorbed more efficiently in the presence of glucose.
Pop one tablet into 200ml of water and let it dissolve. Unfortunately this can take 3-4 minutes to completely dissolve. Our tester suggested we give our bottles a good shake too just so the flavour was evenly spread. It is worth the wait as the ORS tablet makes a nice drink not too sweet, and with no aftertaste. As a tablet that is packed with replacement salts for it is no surprise that it does taste a little salty but please do not let that put you off! Our tester eventually  experimented with two tablets per 500ml and noted a nicer taste.
The tablets can be used as sports drinks used to replace those salts lost in sweat. They will help prevent cramp and muscle spasms.  They can also be used as a day to day drink in the office, commuting or simply to quench your thirst. They are even suitable for kids.  ORS certainly take away thirst. 12 or 24 tablets per pack, and three differrent flavours for all tastes. Our tester liked all three of them but when asked for a preference went for the Lemon ones.

O.R.S Hydration Calculator App

The Smart people at Clinova ( makers of ORS) have produced a really quirky app that you can download onto your smartphone. This app helps you calculate the correct amount of O.R.S. Hydration Tablets required to take with water to properly hydrate your body based on your activity, duration and intensity. Select your sport, your duration and the level of activity.

ORS Hydro Tablets Review

Features includes;

  • Choose from over 40 exercises and activities
  • Simple data input selection for accurate results
  • GPS allows the outside temperature to be factored into the final results
  • Algorithm accurately calculates the exact amount of O.R.S required based on your chosen activity and your current hydration levels
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Create an account to save data
  • Video and instructional information within the app


The ORS Hydration tablets are great tasting and certainly worth a try. If you want to stay hydrated on court or in the gym why not give them a go. Scientifically formulated and low in sugar.  Take a look at how ORS compare to our Electrolyte tablet reviews from a few years ago.

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