Novak Djokovic The Sporting Statesman

image0018th May 2014, hardback £17.99, John Blake Publishing 

*Including exclusive interviews with Djokovic’s mentor, coach and tennis mother, Jelena Gencic*

Written with the cooperation of Novak Djokovic himself and with fascinating interviews with his most significant influences, this is the first biography of the tennis legend. It is a compelling and powerful portrait of the star. The combination of sport, politics, and Djokovic’s determination to succeed, both for himself and on behalf of his troubled country, have created a passionate combination. This is a deeply insightful portrait of one of sport’s most intriguing personalities.

He is one of the most popular players on the circuit, thanks to his on-court clowning and now legendary impersonations.

This biography traces everything from Novak leaving home aged 12, to his epic on-court feats, including the legendary Australian Open 2012 victory over Nadal, as well as the pain of the death of Jelena Gencic, his first coach and ‘tennis mother’.

 Chris Bowers is a highly respected journalist, who writes regularly for The Times, The Independent and The Observer. He writes with unparalleled authority and knowledge on Djokovic’s remarkable career.

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