New Balance 1080 v7 Fresh Foam Trainers – Product Review.

New Balance 1080v7 Fresh Foam Trainers- Product review.

As a competitive tennis player though nowhere near the pro ranks I take my tennis seriously. It is my hobby and I love spending time on court. I tested the New Balance 1080 Fresh Foam shoes and used them for one month for my three weekly ( off court) training sessions. Up until now I had been using my tennis shoes but felt that at times especially when running for longer distances 5k and above that they felt a little heavy. At 309g these are considerably lighter than even the lightest tennis shoes on the market.

Out of the box the first thing my eyes were drawn to was the fresh foam sole which really is quite thick and luxurious. New Balance state that these offer even more cushioning than before. These shoes fitted me like a glove and the sizing is pretty accurate. No need to go a half size up or down.  The 1080 are also extremely comfortable, its almost as if I was walking on clouds. There was no need for any break in time for these shoes as they are very soft and I felt good to go almost straightaway.

Like tennis shoes, the chassis of the 1080 also holds my feet quite securely in place, with good support from the upper. During longer sessions I certainly noticed the good ventilation provided by this shoe too. These shoes are built with one thing in mind and that is comfort. As a fresh foam first timers I found the shoes gave me more than enough comfort and absorbed the heat from my heavy strides as I plodded ( sometimes) around the track.

Although my longest run would be dwarfed in comparison to serious runners the shoes still remained springy and cushioned. Even after a month of serious wear my feet were well and truly used to these shoes they still felt just as comfortable if not more comfortable as the insole had moulded to my sole.

There can be no doubt that the 1080 v7 Fresh Foam are a top of the range running shoe and come with a similarly top of the range price. If you value protecting your most valuable assets while you train then certainly look at buying a pair.  The cushioning given by these 1080 really is very good and there is a tangible bounce in every stride. Training for tennis, gym work, aerobics or generally running the 1080 will have you covered.

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