Tennis says Bye to Super Safin

When Marat Safin announced midway through 2009 that it was to be his last season on tour,I must admit I was sad .   The guy was a flawed genius, I think every weekend warrior saw a bit of Marat Safin in them. One minute a sublime shot, the next a simple backhand into the net! But thats what made Marat so interesting, you never did know who was gonna turn up- the Grandslam champ that could go toe to toe with Federer or the tortured soul who became better known for breaking the most racquets in one season ( the record is 90 for all the geeks out there)! Never a dull moment in Safin’s career!Tennis is lesser off without Safin, a true champion, he brought so much colour and excitement to the tour.

In a pro career spanning 13 years, his first big win came at Flushing in 2000, when he dismantled Pistol Pete with some of the most incredible tennis  and at  hit a level that some argued he could never regain. At the time Sampras said ‘this guy could be number 1 for as long as he wants’ , maybe Pete didnt know Marat that well! 🙂 His career went up and down like a rollercoaster and Marat was never far from controversy. In 2004 at Roland Garros, Safin made a sublime drop shot winner late on in the 5th set, in a moment of celebration he dropped his shorts to the crowd…….and was later fined!  Having been beaten in the 2004 Aus Open final by his friend and some time doubles partner Federer, the pair met again the following year at the semi final stage. Match point down, Safin lobs Federer and goes on to win the 4th set. In a match of amazing shots, quality and drama, Safin eventually wins 9-7 and goes on to beat Home town boy Lleyton Hewitt in the final for his second slam!  Recently Safin made the semis at Wimbledon 08, a surface and a tournament he wasnt particularly fond of . He has also  has been sticking the boot into the press  for their treatment of his sister Dinara. Safin bowed out of the pro tour in Autumn 2009, narrowly failing to make the final of his hometown tournament the Kremlin Cup. In his final game he was defeated by the new kid on the block Juan Martin Del Potro. Tennis just aint the same without him!

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