Luxilon Alu Power Diamond Edition

Luxilon are the big name in tennis string. Alu power is one of the most commonly used copolyester strings throughout the world. Used by many top pros such as Novak Djokovic, Gael Monfils, Simona Halep, Roger and Delpo. As a full string bed or a hybrid setup Luxilon Alu Power. It really is that popular.

Famed for its power and durability Alu Power is one of the leading strings on tour. This year we got to try out the fantastic Luxilion Smart Tennis string which proved very popular with our testers. To celebrate 60 years producing tennis string Luxilon have launched a special edition Diamond Edition Tennis String. 16 Gauge 1 30mm. We got to try it out.

On initial observation this string is just that little bit thicker than regular Alu Power. Thicker strings provide more comfort than their thinner counterparts but should also last a little longer. I used these strings for a period of 4 weeks and like strings typical polyester strings I noticed no wear whatsoever. When a poly breaks it does so without warning .

There is a familiar feeling to this string. The string feels comfortable and powerful. I noticed the string really gripped into the ball too which gave me good bite but these are very similar Alu Power. The added girth to the string provided nice comfort. Comfort is for me a key indicator of a good string. Performance is great but if your arm aches after using this string then it is tough to use it time and time again. Alu Power Diamond was very comfortable and caused no irritation at all.

If you like a comfortable powerful poly then why not give it a go?

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