LOVEtennis Blog guide to Tennis Speak!

We all know tennis players can be a strange crowd, a different breed, quite often they can say something yet mean something completely different. LOVEtennis Blog takes a look inside the heads of tennis players everywhere and tell you what they really mean! Tennis is a game played within the confines of a few lines, how many arguements could  be prevented if only tennis players say what they see, not what they want to see!

‘I think it might have caught the back of the line’ In

‘I didnt see it’ In

‘Play two on that one’ In, I cant believe you came up with such a lucky shot!

‘Does anybody have any balls?’  I’m out a fortune bringing balls every week, are you really that tight!?

‘Best of three ?’ I know I cant beat you in one, so Im hoping I can bore you into submission by the 3rd!

‘Has that net been measured today?’ I cant seem to get a single serve in!

‘Im a bit rusty’ I SWEAR Im not usually this bad!

‘Is that a new raqcuet?’ Its about time buddy, that other one you play with merits a place in the natural history museum!

‘C’mon hit your Hardest!’ Heres hoping you’ll hit the fence every time!

‘M or W’ Did I mention I never lose a toss?

‘The wind made it tough today‘  You hit more frames today than a photo framer!

‘The sun was in my eyes’ Jeez even Stevie Wonder could have got that one!

‘What way do you wanna play this?’ Why do I always have to play with the beginner?!

‘You hit a lot of freshair shots today’ You couldnt hit a cows bottom with a banjo!

‘Thats a good forehand you have’ …..pity about your backhand, serve and volley!

”Maybe you should take some lessons’ I mean how long does it take until the penny drops!

‘Why dont YOU serve? I have been watching you in the warmup and your service reminds me of a fluffy pink dressing gown. I think I will start this set with a break.

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