Kirschbaum Pro Line Rough Review

Kirschbaum are a company who have a large range of tennis strings. Founded over 30 years ago in 1987, the Kirschbaum family strive to bring the highest quality tennis string to the market.  The company feature a large range of strings to suit every type of player. From poly strings with those who thrive on topspin to synthetic strings to give the utmost feel and control.

Kirschbaum Pro Line Rough II

Overview- This string is a black and textured hence the reference to rough in the name. For players with long fast swings this string is ideal. You can continue to take the big take cuts at the ball without the fear of ball hitting the fence. I strung my Wilson Clash prototype racket at 45lbs throughout.

This string is instantly nice to hit with. Softer than many other polyester strings but still hefty and spinny to deliver extra topspin on the ball. The thinner gauge also gives a little more feel and touch than other strings. A fun string to hit with that didnt cause any discomfort to the arm. However I did notice some notching after a few hours play. The tension maintenance was impressive too.

You can buy Kirschbaum Pro Line Rough II here.

Tennis Strings the lowdown

Tennis strings can literally make or break a racket. Fresh tennis strings have extra bite, softer touch and precision that older strings can compete with. As a stringer I see first hand just how good a new set of strings can be and the transformative effect it can have not only on your game but also confidence. A racket restring requires little selling, it really does it for itself.

We have all watched the big tennis tournaments and see how the players take out a new racket every set of new balls. I suppose it’s a good place to be if you can afford to restring your racket every day. Professional players can feel the deterioration in a string over time. The tension certainly decreases over time and the bite or feel from the strings will also diminish as they are being played. A tour player will want the ultimate performance from their tennis strings. Many players will prefer a particular string combination at a set tension. Most keep their exact tension a guarded secret, others like former French Open Champion Ana Ivanovic could play with any tension or string.

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