Learn to hit the kick serve!

You may have a killer first serve.

But how many times have you been forced to hit a second serve and just “GET IT IN”?

I know how exactly how you feel because this is what I used to do.

I would hit my first serve as hard as I could, and then when it hit the net or sailed long, I would “tap” it into the court.

My opponent was usually feasting on my second serve, and I was behind in the point as soon as it begun.

All of that changed the day my coach pulled me aside and said “it’s time, Ramon.”

He was referring to me learning a kick serve.

He taught me the progression that I’m sharing with you today.

6 months of consistent effort later, I was a totally different player.

I jumped up from a frustrated 3.0 player to a solid 4.0 with this one serve, and have used it to continue my ascent to the 5.0 player that I am today.

Players were no longer attacking my second serve… in fact some of them had a harder time with the kick serve because it consistently bounced out of their strike zone.

I can’t tell you how POWERFUL of a feeling that is.

Simply practicing this progression and mastering the kick serve will give you confidence in ALL areas of your game.

Let me explain…

When you know for a FACT that your second serve is a reliable weapon.  Do you think that will affect your mindset for your first serve?

How about your return game?

How confident will you feel in, knowing that you are going to hold serve?

Will that allow you to feel totally relaxed in your return game?

You bet!

Practice this kick serve.  Make it a habit.

When you own this serve, you’ll be well on your way to being a complete tennis player!



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