John McEnroe: How Murray Can Catch Djokovic

John McEnroe was a wizard with a wooden racquet, and now he wants to see what would happen if Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer were forced to use a wooden racquet themselves.

McEnroe joined the Telegraph’s Tennis Podcast team to discuss the issue, talk about other changes to the game that he would like to see made (tie-breaks at 4-4 in fifth sets, get rid of umpires altogether…) and preview the 2016 season.

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The American played a new, shortened format of the game himself when he took part in Tie Break Tens on Saturday night as part of Champions Tennis at the Royal Albert Hall, as did Andy Murray.

McEnroe tells us that Britain’s Davis Cup triumph can help Murray, and that if he can loosen up and smile a little more (“because I was so bloody good at it …”), it would help him as he tries to overhaul Djokovic in 2016.
Final Podcast of year
Next week, in the final Tennis Podcast of 2015, we debate our nominations in The Tennis Podcast Awards, which include Player Of The Year, Match Of The Year, even Worst Tennis Haircut Of The Year, among others. Former Wimbledon Referee Alan Mills will be on the show to adjudicate.

The Tennis Podcast is produced in association with The Telegraph.

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