In Federer defeat Zverev showed he is the real deal.

In Federer defeat Zverev showed he is the real deal.

Roger Federer entertained Sascha Zverev in the second round robin match at the World Tour Finals amidst a packed crowd at Londons 02 Arena. In the entertaining tussle which see sawed and went to three sets Federer eventually prevailed but it was far from easy for the 36-year-old veteran. The 20 year old German, ranked third in the world this year behind Nadal and Federer proved that he is in this lofty position on merit. We have looked at many up and coming players over the years trying to predict just who would dethrone the big 4 or 5 but until now few have really backed up their promise. Zverev showed he is the real deal throughout 2017.

Zverev has a monster serve and seems to be able to develop an easy power on his deliveries. His average first serves against Federer were over 130mph and his second serve werent not shoddy either. His forehand was good last night but it is clear that Zverev is much more comfortable on the backhand side in which he seems to already have all the shots. His cross court backhand rasped across the court last night as he pinned Federer back time and time again. Perhaps he could have used the down the line backhand a little more but in time that shot will come.

Physically Zverev is a big lad, he towered over Federer and despite his height really seems to get around the court effectively. His speed is impressive, not quite Nadalesque but certainly not shoddy. His big frame also produces massive groundstrokes, he really launches into his backhand however when forced to bend low on his forehand side Federer was able to make hay with his slice topspin combination. His speed, height and strength coupled with his skillset which will only improve over time. The future is frightening.

Mentally Zverev seems to have it too. He does show frustration at times as we all do on court, but these episodes are short lived and forgotten about the next point. He keeps his cool in tight situations. At twenty years of age he has great shot selection and choice but you wouldn’t expect this area to be perfect. He can and will improve his matchplay.

2017 was the career year of Alexander Zverev, two Masters 1000 titles and qualification to the Nitto ATP World Tour finals and a world rank of number 3. Not bad for a young 20 year old. Greater consistency at all tournaments must be a priority followed by slams. The next stage of his career will be the most difficult fight of all for the German


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