How to place bets on tennis: training and tactics

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 09: Emma Raducanu of Great Britain celebrates her victory over Maria Sakkari of Greece in the semifinals of the women's singles of the US Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center on September 09, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by TPN/Getty Images)

Professional tennis is the second most popular sport for bookmakers after football. Tennis live betting is very popular, as tennis is much more dynamic than football, and its fast-paced style can lead to numerous changes throughout the game. Players who don’t want to wait for a goal to be scored in football bet on the outcome of the match while betting live on tennis sets. That’s why apuestas de tenis volume sometimes interrupts football betting volume. How can you place bets on tennis, what do you need to know and pay attention to? Let’s discuss the most important things.

The Advantages of Betting on Tennis

· The ability to track the shape of players

In the case of football, tracking the psychological and physical forms of 11 key players is extremely difficult. In tennis, this is a much simpler question: After watching just a few of a player’s top matches, you can reach far-reaching conclusions about their current form. Tennis match analysis is a little easier than in many team sports. It is very important in this regard not to lose when a player’s form moves from the base stage to the peak stage. Generally, each stage of a tennis player’s never-ending fitness cycle lasts from three to four weeks. As you gain experience in this difficult business, you will surely learn to properly assess the current status and future of tennis players. In women’s tennis, the result can be strongly influenced by the athlete’s “critical days”. Some gamblers still maintain a “menstrual calendar” for certain tennis players, however, it is unclear how they do this.

· A large number of returns during the match

Some of you will, of course, call this fact a sports handicap, but betting savvy people will confirm that this is indeed a good quality in terms of betting. The greatest number of notable returns can be seen in women’s tennis. However, in men’s clay tournaments, there are also some twists and turns.

· Regular competitions

You can always bet on tennis: any time and day of the week. Unlike football, where each league has some significant breaks for two or three weeks, the tennis season has only one break at the end of the calendar year.

Even during this fourteen-day break, however, there are three to four intermediate-level tournaments, so you’ll be a tennis fan and never get bored. Even during holidays like New Year’s Day, usually, at least one tournament will be played.

Most common bets on tennis

Placing a tennis bet is not that simple right away. This is because, if a beginner bettor enters a bookmaker’s website, he may be confused by the number of options. But, calm down: in a short time you will get used to it and you will know how to work in each type of tennis betting. It will be at this point that placing a tennis bet will be almost intuitive. However, never settle down, and don’t forget to study over and over again. Only then will you always stay sharp in tennis betting. But what types of tennis bets are there? This is a very common question for beginning bettors. The fairest answer would be many. However, we here should get you ready to start in this world. Only then will you know how to evaluate tennis odds and place bets with good value. We will explain below the main types of tennis betting such as:

· bet on the winner.

· bet spread points;

· total bets;

· Propositional bet (prop bet).

Bet on 2021 tennis points spread

Anyone just starting in the world of tennis betting and sports betting, in general, may not know the point spread. Or, in a more simplified way, the difference in points. In this type of tennis betting, it’s not about choosing who will win the game, placing a bet on the winner. Here, it is necessary to know the difference in points by which the player will win. Or, conversely, if a player loses less than a certain amount of points. In tennis betting, you bet on the game difference that a player will beat his opponent. In a simple example, let’s imagine that Novak Djokovic will play against Rafael Nadal. And you, with your analysis, judged that the Serbian has a good advantage over the Spaniard in that match. So, you log into the bookmaker’s website and they are offering a -1.5 line to Djokovic. This means the Serbian tennis player needs to beat Nadal by at least two games difference in the match. If he wins, but only one game apart, the points bet is lost. This is a form of tennis betting widely used by experts in sports betting. This is because they can predict the difference that one tennis player has over the other and place a spread point bet.

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