How To Make Money Off Tennis

How To Make Money Off Tennis

 How To Make Money Off Tennis

Tennis is a popular sport in every part of the world. It can be played by both professionals and amateurs. Professional tennis players normally make a lot of money from this fun sport. All you need to have is some passion for tennis, knowledge of the basic rules and time to speculate on the outcome of different tennis matches.

Playing Tennis

There are two types of tennis matches – singles and doubles. As the name suggests, singles entails one player playing against a single opponent. Doubles, on the other hand, has two players on either side. A standard match has three sets and a player, or team, needs to win two of them to win the match. To win a set, a player has to win six games in the set. A set can have a maximum of 13 games but can have as little as 6 games if the opponent does not win a single game.

When a strong player competes against a weak player, you can expect them to win consecutive sets, which means that only two sets will be played. In such a game, the maximum number of games will be 26, but can be as little as 12 games. Knowing how to do the math is crucial in winning a wager.

What to Bet On

There are many markets you can bet on. The most obvious include; who will win the match? who will win the first set? and total number of games in the match. Other markets include; total number of games in set 1, total number of games in set 2 and the total number of games in set 3. In all these markets, the odds are usually in the form of over/under a certain number of games. The key to success in picking the right bet lies in knowing the rules and having some basic some math skills. That said, winning also depends on some luck.

How to Make Money

Consider a simple match between Andy Murray and a little-known Japanese up and coming tennis player. Most people would think that this match will be a walk in the park for Murray, but a few people who know that the Japanese player has exceptional skills will place the opposite bet. The odds for Murray to win the match, the first set and second set will be around 1.30 or less while that of the Japanese player will be around 2.00 or higher. You can take a risk and place a safe bet on the Murray to win the game. Whatever amount of money you stake, you can expect a 30% return on your money. If you bet on the Japanese player to win the match, you can expect to double your stake.

There are many tennis tournaments that are normally held every single day all over the world. However, Wimbledon and the US open are usually the most popular and also the most predictable. There are also many other tournaments that can provide you with an opportunity to speculate on tennis matches.

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