How much do tennis coaches make?

Salary range in tennis varies a lot. Some coaches can earn millions as their players do, but the lower echelon work upon different terms. In this article, we explain the salaries of various level tennis coaches and the factors impacting their income.

While tennis stars earn millions annually, and the top tennis player is considered the highest-paid athlete ever, coaches do not have the same earnings — unless they are not ex-top tennis players. The tennis coaches’ salary rate varies depending on their experience, the company they work for, their level, and their proteges’ achievements. Let’s start the article by determining a tennis coach’s salary and why their wages can differ so crucially. Also, we’d like to thank guys from for provided information.

Levels of Tennis Coaching

Tennis coaching starts with special education, which allows you to receive a certificate. There are separate certificates that prove different coaching levels, and each of them requires more training and investments.

The United States Professional Tennis Association (the USPTA) prepares tennis coaches. It offers different programs, including Coach Youth Tennis and Professional Tennis Management, which is an additional education after the bachelor’s degree. The USPTA provides the students with their certificates. Another option is to get the Professional Tennis Registry license (PTR), which also offers a training course: a range of online lessons plus a 2-days workshop.

It is possible to receive three types of certificates approved by the USPTA and recognized worldwide: professional, elite professional, and master professional. When you enroll in the education program certified by the USPTA, you can choose the age and level of tennis players you want to work with: 10 & Under, 11 to 17, Performance or Adult Development.

The average earnings of professional tennis coaches

The first level of coaching, the professional one, allows you to work with children and adults who want to play tennis as a hobby or make their very first steps in an elite tennis career. Professional coaches also work in recreational centers, hobby sports complexes, and basic skills; they are not qualified to coach top players or those who strive for significant tournaments and tennis careers.

A professional tennis coach’s salary is $41,000$50,000 per year on average. If you are a beginner, the compensation can start from $25,000 per year or less, but more experienced professionals can earn up to $100,000. According to the US Department of Labor, Minnesota, Hawaii, and New York offer the highest pay in the United States for professional or semi-professional tennis instructors.

The Average College Tennis Coach Salary

If we check popular American recruitment sites, we will find that schools and universities offer $30,000$50,000 per year for professional tennis coaches. Salaries mainly depend on the school’s location and overall performance and experience of the coach and hire beginner professionals more willingly than private business. However, a coach might find it quite hard to find an opportunity to get a promotion working in a school or at a college.

Assistant Tennis Coach

Assistant Tennis Coach

An assistant coach is a junior position, and most coaches begin their careers by assisting the senior professional tennis coaches. They run the training sessions for groups and individual players and make sure everything is in order: repair and restring rackets, put the equipment in the proper order after a training, watch the court’s condition, rackets, and balls. Besides, some assistants are also on duty for some administration work. For instance, some positions require that an assistant coach made some calls to the sports club or school members, attract new players, and do some office job with documents. Sometimes the job involves a little promotion and marketing work.

Assistant Tennis Coach Salary

The annual earnings of an assistant tennis coach are rather satisfactory, in light of the fact no special training or certificate is needed at first. Requirements usually include having vast knowledge of tennis and a particular experience as a player. The average pay per year is $46,000; the salary rate may vary from $20,000 to $75,000 per year, but the latter figures are less typical. However, it also depends on the company and its location.

Top ATP and WTA Coaches Salaries

Being an ATP or WTA tennis coach is different from working with groups or individuals in a private club or school. Here the amount of rewards depends on how the player you teach performs at the tournaments. This is why a premium coach has a personal stake in the issue and must have great dedication and involvement in the coaching process.

Top coaches usually work under individual agreements with the player or their management team, so the pay range may vary depending on the player and a coach. The contract consists of two main parts: fixed salary and bonus rewards coming as a certain percentage from the prize money. In short, if a player wins, the coach wins, too.

Top elite tennis coaches contracts

In tennis, coaches do not have any guaranteed contracts and are paid daily or weekly for the training sessions they go through with a player. As players and coaches usually sign contracts directly, they can agree on any convenient conditions for both. The terms can vary a lot: some players get only 50% of their winnings, and the second half goes to their coaches; others pay only a tiny percentage of their prize money.

We have already mentioned two primary income sources for a coach of a star tennis player of Roger Federer or Andre Agassi-level. However, there are some more bonuses that a player can include in the contract.

If a player gets high enough in the worldwide tennis rankings, usually top 100, top 50, or top 10, a coach receives a fixed bonus in their contact. It can also come in the form of a percentage rate, as the ranking brings a player quite a decent amount from the ATP.

Every player reaching the top-8 rank is eligible to perform in the ATP world finals. The participation guarantees a prize of $175,000 for every player, no matter how they play. The ultimate winner gets $2,225,000, and the most typical reward for a coach is 5%-15% of the total winning.

To sum up, a contract of the elite professional tennis coach includes the fixed weekly or daily salary, ranking bonuses, special performances bonuses, and tournament prize money percentage.

An ATP tennis coach can earn a fixed salary from $40,000 to $200,000 and bonuses. For example, Patrick Mouratoglou, a star coach who works with Serena Williams, Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, and other world-famous tennis stars, is said to have almost $2,000,000 a year only from the contract with Serena. Let’s see the other star’s coaches’ figures and compare their earnings with the ones of their clients.

The Highest Paid Tennis Coaches

To be precise, this information is speculation based on the fact that most coaches earn 10% of the player’s winning money. As we are aware of the top players’ income, it is possible to know how their coaches are paid. When we mention any prize money amounts, we do not include any endorsement deals or personal business profits.

Novak Djokovic earns $9,500,000 per year, which allows us to suppose his coach’s bonus is $950,000. Rafael Nadal, with his $11,900,000 annual income, probably pays no less than $1,190,000. Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have $5,000,000-$6,000,000, so the coaches are supposed to have about $500,000$600,000 as a bonus. Add a fixed fee for training sessions, and it becomes obvious that elite tennis coaches are quite wealthy people.

Among the other examples of high earners is the elite professional tennis coach Win Fissette, whose net worth in 2020 is estimated as $1,000,000$5,000,000, according to various sources. Darren Cahill, with approximately the same annual income recorded in 2020.

How did the Covid-19 pandemic impact the salaries of tennis coaches?

When the Covid-19 novel virus forced almost all businesses, including the ones related to the sports industry, to suspend their operations, tennis coaches found themselves in a disturbing situation when they stopped gaining any payments from players. As governments canceled all tournaments and training sessions became impossible due to lockdown, coaches stayed with literally no opportunity to earn anything.

It turned out for many tennis fans that a tennis coach job is one of the unsafest positions, as there are no club contracts and players who pay directly to coaches refused to support them financially during their enforced idleness. Professional coaches working for some schools or private sports clubs and having nothing to do with the Tour preparation found themselves more protected than the individual elite mentors. Some coaches finally achieved support from their employers, but some remained up in the air before training sessions became available again.

Final words

Even though being an elite tennis coach is a decently rewarded job, it involves many pitfalls. When a tennis coach works at a college, a small club, or opt for such jobs as a personal instructor or a coaching assistant, they will not be paid a million dollars per year. However, they can count on their insurance and pension fund coverage, usually going by default in jobs like these. When a coach is aimed at top-class sports, they gain an honorary rank in the sports community and earn incomparably more. The other side of these advantages is the lack of social security and a need to act as an individual entrepreneur, combining financial work with direct responsibilities.


Title: How much do tennis coaches make?

Description: Salary range in tennis varies a lot. Some coaches can earn millions as their players do, but the lower echelon work upon different terms. In this article, we explain the salaries of various level tennis coaches and the factors impacting their income.

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