Head Radical Limited Edition

Andy Murrays stick of choice has been given an art nouveau makeover. The new HEAD Radical MP Limited Edition tennis racket has been radicalised by a stunning new splash of eye-popping neon colours. … The new limited-edition Radical MP features the most creative, colourful design since the original Agassi racket of 1993.

The HEAD Radical racquet series is known for its innovative technology, its versatility, and the perfect combination of power and handling. Now, for a short time, it will also be known for an unmistakable colour story. HEAD presents the limited edition Graphene XT Radical LTD that celebrates everything the RADICAL silo has to offer and raises the stakes with a design that will turn heads from the second it is out of the bag.

Inspired by the adventurous nightlife of Florida’s party capital Miami, the Graphene XT Radical LTD brings the unique combination of disko nite (black), crazy flamingo, pearl white, neon yellow, and lagoon blue colours to the versatile player who is not afraid to stand out. The unmistakable design also makes an appearance on the matching Radical LTD shoe sack and the Radical LTD Edition Monstercombi bag.

Based on the specifications of the Graphene XT Radical MP racquet, the limited edition comes with the innovative Graphene XT technology, which allows an improved distribution of weight for a more powerful game and an improved energy transfer. It also features a dynamic 16/19 string pattern for enhanced playability and spin. Globally limited to a quantity of 10.000 racquets, the Graphene XT Radical LTD is available online and at selected retailers worldwide as of March 1, 2017 as long as supply lasts.

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