Head Nzzzo Pro Tennis Shoes – Review

Head Nzzz Pro Tennis Shoes – Review

Head Nzzzo Pro are a fantastic shoe that you may not ever have seen or heard of. Why haven’t you heard of them? Perhaps the name which I still don’t know how to pronounce, perhaps the brand may not be available in your local pro shop or perhaps you adorn your feet with the shoes of your favourite player. I have been using these shoes for 5 months and here is what I have to say.

Why should you consider them?

You should absolutely take a look at these shoes. They are a great looking shoe. I love the blue white and fluo green tips on the laces. These shoes are more than just stylish tennis shoes and are backed up with serious substance.  I was instantly attracted to them. They fit me like a glove and offer lots of padding and comfort in spades. Even when these shoes are laced up tight whenever things get serious on court the shoes do not chaff or restrict blood flow. They have extremely plush cushioning.


The sole and toe offer really good protection for aggressive movers. I found them grippy and the pattern allowed for easy traction whenever changing direction quickly.  The shoes have three little ventilation holes presumably to keep the foot cool during play. I never had any issues with ventilation or breathability with these shoes however I did find during play on astro turf that at times the sand did come through the holes. No big issue.

What other shoe are they like?

I could best compare these shoes to the Nike Zoom Vapor 9.5 tour usually worn by Roger Federer. They offer similar levels of comfort and cushioning.  I have a narrow foot with high arch and found these shoes just perfectly suited to my feet.


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