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Overview : Head have given me a sneaky peak of their latest string set to hit the courts in 2020. Produced in a silver packaging with Head Experimental scrawled on it. It is a champagne coloured hexagonal string. I used this string in two rackets, one a Head Radical MP, recent Graphene 360 model strung at 50lbs and a Head Gravity strung at 46lbs. 


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The winning string!🥇Taking home the trophy in a battle against the most popular strings on the market. Test winner! #NoStringsNoGame

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This is a co polyester tennis string, designed to produce power and spin. Many top players have something similar in their rackets on occasion partnered with a softer synthetic string for better feel. Head Experimental is a firm feeling string but it is surprisingly comfortable. It gives a crisp feel with the ball and of course provides lots of spin and bite. It plays similar to other high end strings in this category with perhaps a little more power.

Hybrid option provide softer feel

This string is very much directed at intermediate and advanced players with well developed strokes and game. If you fit the bill then this string is worth trying out. I experienced no arm pain whatsoever with this string even playing on cold nights with heavy balls. If you do have a tendency to get tennis elbow or bicep pain, then you might want to pair up this racket with a softer cross string which might reduce the bite from the Head but leave you with an overall more comfortable string setup.

The Head Radical and the Head Gravity both played relatively similar with this string. I found my fast-long groundstrokes were tamed with this string. We all know that to make spin work we have to hit the ball, so if you hit the ball at pace then this Head Experimental will do the hard work for you.

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