GoCustomized – Design your own Smartphone cover

If you are like me, you can be a little bit of a clutz. I am always banging into stuff, breaking things and generally face palming with my accident prone incidents. My phone would be no different. I am constantly dropping it, scraping it and bashing it. It has fallen out of my tennis bag before too crashing down on the hard court. I guess it’s a no brainer. You have an expensive phone which you spend a huge amount of money on minutes and data every month yet you buy a little cheap flimsy cover from an online site. Why? It doesn’t make sense? Surely having invested in this super shiny new phone you would want to spend a little bit of money protecting it? Save the hassle of having to replace a damaged screen or cracked camera.

GoCustomized produced top quality covers for your phone. They are sturdy, durable and well-made and will provide your phone with plenty of protection from the bumps and bangs that life throws at it. My phone the Galaxy s8 is glass front and back and with my cack handedness I had to protect it. I decided to go for the S8 Wallet case made from leather and featuring a magnetic cover which keeps it shut. Even if the phone were to fall which I hope it never does the screen is protected by this front cover.

Now as tennis fans you are likely to want to put a nice tennis image on the front cover, perhaps a picture of Rafa biting his latest trophy or Maria Sharapova hitting her backhand. Regardless you will be able to design your phone cover your way and put your own stamp on the product. As you can see I chose something a little different to place on my cover.

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