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A few weeks ago I went to South Carolina for the week and got to exercise everyday, which I absolutely loved. It only takes me traveling across the country to exercise everyday. Who would have figured that…

I was so busy with meetings, dinners, lectures that I almost forgot to make it to the gym each day, but I always got my workouts in.

Since I spent a bulk of the week sitting my body got so tight that I needed a way out to relieve my body. What I love about my workouts is I can take them anywhere and can make do with our without exercise equipment.

On my last day at the hotel gym a colleague asked me the following:

“Hey Ryan, that stretch looks awesome, is that for the lower back”?

Yes it is!

“Do you mind if I try it”?

Go for it…. It’s awesome and has saved me all week….

“Thank you Ryan, this stretch is great and I am going to add it into my routine when I get back home. Thank you for showing me the way and helping me.”

Being able to touch someone’s life like I did is what life is all about it… As I left the gym that day I realized that I just helped someone and it felt great!!

Each day I make it my mission in life to help at least one person and when I accomplish that I feel full inside and out!!

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