Flowlife Flowgun Go Massage Gun Review

Flowgun Go Massage Gun Review

What is a Flowgun Go?

The Flowgun Go is the latest portable massage device from Swedish Company Flowlife. The Swedes seem to be a quiet bunch, rarely feeling the need to shout about themselves for publicity. Flowlife seem to go about their business in a quiet but effective fashion. The Flowgun Go sells itself, a portable massage gun with different heads and speeds for different functions. What is a massage gun exactly? Well put simply a massage gun is a flexible device that stimulates the connective tissue, increases blood circulation and releases trigger points. Think of it as a pocket masseuse. What a perfect gift. Who would not love one of these?

Unpacking the Flowgun Go

The Flowgun Go comes in sturdy retail packaging with a travel case , charger and the 6 different nozzles or adaptor attachments. On taking out the Flowgun Go from the packaging you get a feeling for both the weight and quality of this device. Firstly the build quality of the device is excellent. Flowlife even throw in a 2 year warranty on this massage gun. The product is well put together and the matt finish of the Flowgun Go is nice to touch. There is a silicon type button on the unit which is the power button. Press and hold this button the Flowgun Go comes alive. The battery indicator is a 5 light unit with stylish blue lights to indicate how much charge is in the device. With use these reduce over time but it is a handy feature to ensure you have plenty of charge. Directly above the 5 battery lights are 5 other lights which indicate the level of vibration.

Using the Flowgun Go

Once you have fully charged your Flowgun Go you are ready to go. Choose the best type of head for your massage and attach it to the device . To install the heads into the Flowgun Go basically just push them into the device. The head will lock into the device in a very straightforward fashion. It is a really easy process so much so a child could do it. To turn on the device simply hold the on/off button once. To being at level 1 of the vibration press once. To go through the different levels of intensity simply press the button again.

TOP TIP It is a good idea to test the vibration on your leg first. Even the first level of vibration can be quite a shock if you are not used to it. The Flowgun Go vibrates at top speed of 2800 RPM.

Q: Tennis players, do you ever get a sore arm during play? You know the type, sometimes you get that dull pain in your bicep or your forearm?

Djokovic getting his bicep massaged mid match. Image courtesy of Daily Telegraph

Well let me tell you this. The Flowgun Go is perfect for some quick stimulation of the arm whilst on court at the switch of ends. Chose your desired head and the vibration level and off you go. Think of all the benefits of a little massage. Us tennis players all have big racket bags and I am pretty sure we could find a little space in there for a Flowgun Go.

This is not just a device to be used on court. I mean when you want a little pick up you dont need to clear a space on the floor to lie down or wait until everyone else has gone to bed. Whilst you are watching TV, feeding the kids or wherever the Flowgun Go is that portable and easy to use. The Flowgun Go just makes sense. It is amazing how quiet and efficient the Flowgun Go is when it is operating. It buzzes quietly without much fuss and can be used discreetly when needed. If you want perhaps think of an electronic toothbrush. The Flowgun go produces about that level of noise.

Slo- mo of the Flowgun GO

I liked the way this device was handheld and I could easily apply it to any part of my aching body! Ofcourse I enlisted help to get those hard to reach parts of my back but on the whole 90% of the time I control the device. The varying levels of vibration are very useful too. I found that in time I got used to the lower vibration settings and need a little bit more resistance. The attachments are all unique and really useful. To target a particular point which was tired I used the pointed attachment, the flat attachment was useful for working a particular muscle group say like a thigh. The two pronged attachment was super for the achilles and the arm too. Flowlife have covered all the bases too.

Technical Information

The Flowgun Go is the little brother of the Flowgun. The Flowgun Go provides up to 6 hours vibration with one charge which is great longevity. Charging time is approximately 4 hours in total. I guess if you were to use the Flowgun Go at the highest setting it would wear down a little quicker. Nevertheless it really gives incredible longevity for such a device. This is another massage plus point for the Flowgun Go. There are 5 different intensity levels on the Flowgun Go which can be accessed simply by pressing the on/ off button.

Level 11700 RPM
Level 22000 RPM
Level 32250 RPM
Level 42530 RPM
Level 52800 RPM
The 5 levels of vibration on the Flowgun Go

Contained in the travel case there are 6 different attachments depending on what you want to massage. These are really nifty. There is a soft head, a flat and thin head, a flat head, a silicon head, a fork adapter and a pointy cone. Best advice from me is to experiment. Give each a go and see what it feels like.

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How does it compare to other massage devices.

Flowlife have a top quality range of massage devices to suit every need. I am a huge fan of the FlowPillow Heat. The oscillating heads are fantastic at relaxing tense muscles. I love using it on my neck after a hard day at work. The deep and penetrating massage heads really loosen all the tension in my shoulders. The FlowPillow also comes with a heat button which is really useful. I also use this device on my calves and achilles after a heavy session of plyometrics or weights.

Flowlife products
FlowRoller, Flowpillow Heat and Flowgun Go

A foam roller is another superb device in the range which I find great for loosening out my lower back. Glutes, hamstrings, thighs and calves. Any athlete worth their salt will know about the importance of foam rolling and muscle recovery. Easily carried and very useful a foam roller is a must in your recovery toolkit.


I first began to appreciate the importance of recovery over ten years ago. I used a tennis ball and bought myself a roller and didn’t I feel like I shiny new pin once I had given myself a once over? Over the years I began to add to my little recovery box, a TENS belt, a rolling pin roller and of course my Flowlife products. I now have a fantastic device, which provides massages as and when I wanted it. This takes my recovery to a different level altogether, it is so handy to loosen up sore muscles or stimulate blood flow. Is there a more complete product to help with recovery? If there is id love to see it.

You can find out about the Flowgun Go and the other great products from Flow life here.

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