Drug-free gel addresses joint pain and muscle soreness for a healthier, active lifestyle
FLEXISEQ Sport, the new drug-free gel for those who want to protect and care for their joints and muscles, has launched in the UK.
Developed in conjunction with high profile sporting partners, including Saracens rugby club, the product allows users to stay active without the distraction of joint pain, joint stiffness, muscle soreness and overuse of painkillers.
Each batch of FLEXISEQ Sport is screened to be free of any trace substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), meaning it can be used by elite athletes, members of the armed forces and anyone else subject to anti-doping screenings.  flexiseq sport
FLEXISEQ Sport is suitable for all active people and has been tested on and developed by professional athletes across a range of sporting disciplines to manage muscle soreness, joint pain and restore joint function, without the use of drugs.  The product’s use in sport has generated some remarkable examples of injury rehabilitation.
John Mayo, CEO of Pro Bono Bio said, “The overuse of painkillers in sport is well known to be a problem, and use of pharmaceuticals is an unsatisfactory option to manage joint pain as they only mask the pain and can cause side effects.
“FLEXISEQ Sport offers everyone the safe option in pain relief and joint maintenance. Whether you’re young or old, professional or amateur, you need to stay mobile for a fit, productive and happy life.”
FLEXISEQ Sport is available to purchase online in a 50g pack size from Treatments Direct at a price of £19.99.


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