Fit again Rafa can break Rogers record

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Fit again Rafa can break Rogers record
Rafael Nadal can break Roger Federers grand slam record in 2017 and beyond if he can return to full fitness. The Spaniard  ended his season after the Shanghai Masters in the Fall to allow his niggly injuries to heal. As he enters  the 2017 season he should have recovered from all his ailments that have plagued his performances over the past seasons. There is no reason to doubt that Rafa can achieve his top level of tennis once again and readdress the rankings slump. Currently ranked outside the top 10 for the first time in years, Rafa’ s first task will be to regain some ranking points and return inside the top 10.

This season Rafa will resist the big money temptations of the International Tennis Premier League and focus on getting fit ahead of the season opening tournaments in late December and January. Unlike previous seasons in which Rafa won many events quite convincingly has few ranking points to defend and can quickly accumulate valuable ranking points ahead of the clay court season in the European Spring. Rafa’s bread and butter. A great site will give all the best odds on Rafas return to the clay courts in 2017.   With a few months of matches under his belt Rafa will look to challenge for clay court titles. There is no reason to suggest that Rafa is unable to reach the physical peaks we witnessed in 2010. What is important for Rafa is that he regains his mental edge in tight matches and can find his intensity once again. At times in 2016 Rafa seemed uncertain of his game and lacking a little confidence in his shots. He suffered many surprising losses simply as he did not have the unshakeable belief of his younger self.

Realistically Rafa can consider himself a contender for the French Open if he can regain this edge and pick up a few titles along the way. He can no doubt achieve ‘La Decima’ . Although grass courts havent been a happy hunting ground for Rafa recently, there is no reason that Rafa can not use clay court success as a springboard to success on the grass court. In the American hard court season Rafa can also prosper. Make no bones about it, there are many challenges but if anyone has the hunger and desire to return to the top surely it is Rafael Nadal. Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray beware, Rafa is coming for you!

1 thought on “Fit again Rafa can break Rogers record

  1. If Rafa can regain his form I don’t doubt he could surpass Federer’s record (though I personally wouldn’t consider Federer “done” just yet), but even at his best I don’t think he could do it in 2017. Or even 2018.

    If Djokovic plays anywhere near like he did in early 2016, and Murray plays like he did in late 2016, even a top of his game Rafa will be hard pressed to dominate the season. He’d be favourite for the French, obviously, but I can’t see him adding to his list at next year’s Australian, and though it’s two early to say, I’d bet Wimbledon will be off the cards. A US Open seems a better bet.

    I do hope he’s back to his best form in 2017, though. A truly open tour would be great, but failing that I’d rather see three or four guys battling it out of the top than a two horse race.

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