The Denim Tennis Short is back

Denim Tennis Short

Andre Agassi was a trail blazer in many respects. The tie dye shirts, the long hair and the film star girlfriend he was one of the most popular guys on tour. He left us tennis fans with many great memories but who can forget those denim shorts? We first saw them in the late eighties at the US Open and they continued in the crazy nineties. Andre Agassi rocked the courts with his modern, edgy looks – especially his Nike Challenge Court denim shorts. You can see a pair he wore at the International Tennis Hall of Fame.

Amazingly Tennis apparel maker Vollaix have decided to resurrect the infamous denim tennis short. I for one cannot wait to get my hands on them! Just because I am not too sure just how it wearing denim will affect my play! When I think about it there are not too many current stars who would be seen in denim especially on court.  Can you imagine Roger or Rafa in denim on court? Its hard to imagine for sure. One such current star who has tried denim on court was Serena Williams. She made the bold choice to pair a denim tennis skirt with high boots. An outfit that certainly wouldn’t have been allowed at Wimbledon.

So we have no doubt fashion conscious fans of the game will want to get their hands on a pair of these denim tennis shorts.  Who could blame them! Once we get out pair to try out we will let you know just how they go down!










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