Can Alexander Zverev excel at ATP World Finals?

Can Alexander Zverev excel at ATP World Finals

Can Alexander Zverev excel at ATP World Finals?

The big four have dominated tennis for years. All the big events like the Masters 1000 series and the Grand Slams have almost exclusively been won by an elite group of players give or take a few titles. We have often wondered who would be the next big star to emerge and really begin to readily challenge Messers Federer, Nadal, Murray and Djokovic. Many have tried and few have conquered with the exception of Stan Wawrinka who at thirty something isn’t about to take the tennis world by storm.

One such young player has had almost been universally touted for superstardom and that player is Alexander Zverev. In 2017 he has won a Masters Series event on clay beating Novak Djokovic in the final. He followed this up in the summer beating Roger Federer in the Montreal Masters final. Currently ranked at 5 in the world Zverev is expected to play both the ATP Next Gen finals in Milan and the ATP World Tour Finals in London. These showpiece events of the ATP tour take place in back to back weeks in November.

Many fans cannot wait to see him in London at the NITTO ATP World Tour Finals. There he could take on Federer and Nadal. This site is declaring that Zverev should not be discounted. According to writer and oddsmaker Eaton Thatcher: ” We’ve seen Zverev grow by leaps and bounds over the course of the season, and we shouldn’t be too surprised if he caps off the year by cleaning up in London. ” Thatcher has put the odds of him winning the ATP Finals at 9/1, just trailing Federer and Nadal.

Is Zverev the real deal?

At the age of 20 Zverev has shown all the attributes to be a top player. He has the famous victories but he has shown enough in his short career to justify his status as a star of the future.  He has a lot to learn to take the place of any of the big four and certainly needs some media training as he has been known to have poor etiquette in dealing with the press. But on court with his big serve and penetrating groundstrokes he has the game to take him to the pinnacle of the sport. The ATP World Tour Finals are absolutely massive and he can go in with confidence. Fortunately Zverev has also shown a pretty sound temperament too which he will need to navigate the world of professional tennis.

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