Buyer Beware – Fake Tennis Rackets

Fake Chinese Rackets arent all they are cut out to be


Its been well documented the manufacturing capabilities of Asian countries, especially China.  These companies make copies of well known tennis rackets and brands that look and feel just like the real thing apart from the price. You can pick up a good copy of Andy Murrays Racket or Rafael Nadals Babolat for a third of the price. Once you finally get them it really is incredibly different to tell the difference between the fake and the original.

Over the years I have bought a few Chinese rackets just to get to feel of other brands. On initial inspection all seem very good fakes, that really are hard to tell the difference with. They are balanced similarly, weighted similarly have the same liverys and in every single way they are the same as the real thing. Eagle eyed experts make pick up on the lesser quality gromits that some of these fakes may have.

So why doesnt everyone buy these sticks? You save money, you get similar playability but the quality of the fakes are noticeably poorer than the originals. If you compare an authentic racket with a fake racket, there will be some slight differences, look at the hologram, look at the positioning of the writing, take the butt cap off and look inside the shaft. The gromits are a tell tale sign of inferior quality. The quality of the paint job is almost always inferior from my experience, the paint on the fake rackets chips rather easy and the undercoat is a poor looking beige which is another tell tale sign of the quality.

Balance and swing weight are almost always not as advertised. These are important to a player as if a racket is meant to feel head light or head heavy will influence its playability. Balance is also a key component to any racket, with inferior raw materials a lot of the weight can end up in the handle, leaving a super head light racket with massive weight in the handle.

My advice to all, stay away from these rackets, buy older stock rackets like 2011/12 models rather than the new model. At least then you know you are getting the real deal the authentic model.

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