Building your site subscribers using email marketing.

Building your site subscribers using email marketing.

Building a website of your own is easy. There are so many easy ways to set up a simple website and get your message out there. Many moons ago I began this website and made my first steps into the world of blogging. I loved the freedom my own site gave me especially being able to talk about what I wanted to do.  The writing wasn’t too difficult but gettingas much traffic to the website as possible was key. Social media certainly helped. I currently use my Love TennisBlog Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts which are all linked to help in building a wide viewer base. Regular posts drive traffic to the site too.

Canyou believe that over 269 billion emails are sent on a daily basis?. Of course many of these must be spam but obviously there are some legitimate. Attracting subscribers to your site is a key critical to the success of any site. DripEmail campaigns are one way of doing this. Some sport sites do this a little better than others. Drip email campaigns are essentially pre-written and planned out messages that you want to send to your contacts.

Rather than sending an email to your entire audience at once (which is generally not the best practice because even when segmented, the contacts on your email list are at different places in the sales funnel), success drip email campaigns will automatically send relevant information at relevant times.

For instance, if your company is involved with rental properties and you know the average customer takes about 60 days from the start of their search to moving into their new apartment, you might set up your campaign so customers get emails with information about finding the right apartment in the beginning of the drip campaign, emails about moving costs 30 days into the campaign, and emails about setting up utilities 45 days into the campaign.

If done correctly, drip email campaigns can be very successful and beneficial for businesses. Open rates and click-through rates for drip campaigns tend to be significantly higher than single-send emails. Considering this, it’s no surprise that 320% more revenue was generated in 2015 by automated emails compared to non-automated emails.

So if you are serious about growing your business you must make it a priority to design an effective email marketing campaign. With my sport, tennis, this could involve designing an online course for subscribers and drip feed sections of the course email by email. By offering initial free content which is accessible to all subscribers and then premium content which is chargeable, tennis sites can monetize their content.

With effective research of the market and the particular niche, sports blogs can plan and devise an e-commerce strategy which can both promote content and generate an online community of followers.

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