Build your own tennis court

Tennis is one of the most popular games around the world and many tennis lovers start playing the game very early. Due to insufficient space most tennis players have to wait before they get a chance to hit the tennis ball around the court. Novak Djokovic famously used a practice wall and a empty swimming pool in Serbia when he was growing up. There are very few public tennis courts and if you too are tired of waiting or will not able to find an empty court then you could consider building a backyard tennis court. A tennis court in your backyard.

A Backyard tennis court is the best solution for every tennis lover and converting the backyard into a tennis court is a really a good idea. It is always good to have a play area at home where you can spend time of the day hitting a few balls. Get your rhythm, touch and feel for the tennis balls.

Tennis Court Dimensions.

If you have a backyard which is big enough to house a court then you should start thinking on how to build a backyard tennis court. Famous tennis players had to start somewhere and no doubt they always enjoyed the services of a backyard court while growing up. For a grass backyard tennis court you need a flat surface and if your backyard is big enough to hold 78 by 36 feet tennis court nothing great like that. But if you have smaller backyards go for a court which is 27 feet wide. You can even try a mini tennis court which is approx 6 metres wide. Remember regardless of what court you want to put in your backyard you need to have a run off area.

Image courtesy of Racquet Sports Center

To maintain and set up grass backyard court is very simple but for areas where grass does not grow easily for that concrete backyard tennis courts are the preferred choice. You will get a livelier bounce from a concrete court for sure. Consult an expert for constructing a concrete backyard tennis court as it is not simple as grass backyard tennis court. There are a lots of construction firms that specialize in backyard tennis courts. Based on your inputs for the construction of the court, the construction companies give the plan and the estimation for making the backyard tennis court. It is suggested to consult with more than one consultation firm to make your dream backyard tennis court.

So build a backyard tennis court that will only give the opportunity to play tennis and remain fit. Having your own tennis court at home gives lots benefits in having a joyful time with the family together at the play area, enjoy the game and have a wonderful time together!

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