Artengo TS990 Tennis Shoes -Shoe Review

Artengo TS990 Tennis Shoes
Of all the shoes in the test the TS990 proved to be the absolute surprise package. Nicolas Escude former ATP World number 16 ranked player helped develop these shoes and they certainly pack serious performance at an affordable price. I was amazed at how comfortable and just how lightweight these shoes are thanks to the PVU insole. These are genuinely a comfortable shoe and the soft tongue enhances it.

The TS990 take the best features from other top shoes and combine them into one extremely good looking shoe. The shoes are light and flexible, great for sliding. They do not have the bulk of other tennis shoes or the weight and you could wear them as ordinary everyday trainers such is their comfort. The TS990 offer great ventilation too keeping you cool when the temperature gets up on court.

The shoes are available in other colours too so if the black and yellow do not match with your tennis whites you can also get alternative colours. There is even a lady specific model too which look very cool.The TS990 delivered fantastic impact protection, comfort and at 355g lightweight. This shoe punches well above its weight and comes highly recommended.
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