Artengo TS990 Tennis Shoes – Review


Artengo TS990 Tennis Shoes
Decathlon make the Artengo Ts990 tennis shoes.They are Europe’s largest Sports retailer. They enlisted the help of Nicolas Escude former ATP World number 16 ranked player to assist in the design of the TS990. They have produced a simple comfortable tennis shoe which covers all the bases and ticks all the boxes. We loved the fluo yellow colour scheme which really stuck out, very tennis ball like. Bright colourful and very cool perfect for court wear.

The TS990 have a padded tongue and heel cup which provide lovely comfort and support around the ankle. The lacing in this model keep my feet nicely secure and protected from the quick movements on court. The first time I tried these shoes on they were very comfortable. The cushioning provided by these shoes is second to none thanks to the PVU insole.  The spongy feel is very nice on court even during long matches it retained the soft cushioned feel.

The sole pattern is designed for all court use but they are great for sliding. Traction is good and the shoes support when changing directions. The durability of the sole is good but if durability is the overriding factor then you may wish to consider a more bulky shoe which should in theory provide a little more durability.  On savannah / artificial grass these shoes last, even after 2 months of solid use there is very little wear shown on the soles. The tread is quite shallow and I found that at times they did get clogged up with the sand on the court.

The TS990 are well ventilated also. Artengo may not be a premium name in the tennis world yet but these shoes are fantastic and Decathlon really have produced an excellent pair of performance footwear.   This shoe punches well above its weight and comes highly recommended.
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